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>> from russia. >> exactly. >> bret: all right. a free member of the homeless. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> bret: this is the fox report. tonight, nothing like this in baseball since the black socks scandal nearly a century ago. the league's drug crackdown and late breaking alex rodriguez baseball's highest paid player calls it a nightmare. plus the terror chatter that forced alerts and embassy shutdowns. insiders call it the most serious threat in years from al qaeda militants. >> they are determined and they are adaptable. >> we have to be continually vigilant. >> shepard: tonight, the intel that closed the embassy. and the threat that remains. he drove his car right into
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a crowd. >> there is like hundreds of people just diving out oof the way. >> there were people flying everywhere. >> shepard: ahead, the chaos on a california boardwalk. and a burger grown in a test tube. >> this can be an ethical and environmentally friendly way. >> horrible, unnatural. >> shepard: how is the flavor. >> there is quite some intense taste. >> shepard: cooking up the $330,000 hamburger. baseball is reigle and for reeling. and for alex rodriguez the fight just began. a rod says the past seven months has been a nightmare and an hour from now he will make his season debut almost unthinkably for the bronx bombers despite a suspension that threatens to effectively end his career. alex rodriguez arrived at the locker room in chicago's u.s. cellular field today. and just a short time ago
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he said he was humbled to have the opportunity to put on the pinstripes again. >> he is very excited to have opportunity to go out there and play baseball and help my team win. and prove to myself, my teammates, the fans in new york, the fans of baseball that i still have a shot to play the game at a high level. >> shepard: that suspension from major league baseball starts this thursday. covers 211 games. it runs through the entirety of this season, the regular season and all of next season. but a rod has indicated he would appeal which would allow him to keep playing during that whole process. remember, all of this is over that now closed clinic, this clinic in florida that is accused of detailing and dealing in human growth hormone and other performance enhancing drugs. human growth hormone is not a steroid but baseball and
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other sports ban its use. the mlb also suspended 12 other players for 50 games. three of those players are former or current all stars. but none is as high profile as alex rodriguez. the three-time american league mvp has earned a whopping $300 million over his career. he is right now fifth on the all-time home run list. a rod also faces the most serious accusations in this scandal by far. we have team fox coverage of today's developments. trace gallagher is live with more on those other 12 players. first, let's get to adam housley. a rod spoke in about the last hour. take us through it if you would. is it is about a half an hour ago. never commented on whether he he took performance enhancing drugs. he summed up the situation like this. >> there is nothing about it has been easy. all of it has been challenging. i'm sure there has been mistakes made along the way.
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we're here now. i'm a human being. i have had two hip surgeries. i have had two knee surgeries. i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one else will. >> right before that his manager has not asked alex rodriguez if he ever took of peds but here is what he thinks of them. >> i don't think there is any room for pedestrians in baseball. -- peds in baseball. i think the record should be accomplished the right way. and i think it's through hard work. i don't believe in shortcuts because i think everyone gets short-changed when there is shortcuts. i believe the only way to do it through hard work. >> shepard, game time is in about an hour in chicago. back to you. >> shepard: now to 12 players who opted not to challenge the suspension. team fox coverage continues. trace gallagher on that part of the story. of the remaining dozen, a couple are big names. >> yeah, in fact, shep, if you look at this list, six of them aren't even in the big leagues anymore.
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six that have been sent down to the minor leagues. one that's on the disabled list. and one more that has already been released. of the four remaining names, the two big ones are nelson cruz, he is a right fielder for the texas rangers. he leads his team in home runs and rbis and he said he took performance enhancing drugs because of a preseason intestinal virus saying quoting here, i made an error in judgment that i deeply regret and i accept full responsibility for that error. i should have handled the situation differently. and my illness was no excuse. the tigers shortstop jhonny peralta made the all star team this year. was having a breakout year. he made no excuses, saying, quote: my greatest punishment is knowing that i have let so many good people down. i promise to do everything possible to try and earn back the respect that i have lost. peralta is one of the few players to fully fess up in this scandal, shep. >> shepard: some players today, trace, got cleared by mlb. >> yeah. in fact, one of those was
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baltimore orioles infielder danny have a lens i can't. the other one, the washington national pitch everywhere gonzalez. they were both cleared. gonzalez said and i'm quoting here with this process now complete, i have no lingering sense of animosity as i quickly realize that the objective of this investigation was to clean up our game. and, remember, three other players already served time last year for using performance enhancing drugs. they are toronto blue jays outfielder cabrera, bartolo and began -- grandal there is no word if more names will be added to this growing list. >> shepard: the has 18 players. including rockie brewers slugger ryan braun. suspended the five-time all-star for 65 games. terror alert now. and a message from the head of al qaeda. tipped off the united
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states to what lawmakers are now calling the most serious threat in years. that's when what an intelligence source is telling fox news tonight. more on that and the details in a moment. first, the state department has shut down embassies and consulates in 19 cities in the middle east and africa for the rest of this week. members of the house and senate intelligence committee say that terror chatter now is at the same level, if not higher, than it was before the attacks of 9/11. this threat is credible. i have seen the operation that comes from high level from al qaeda. >> there has been an awful lot of chatter out there. chatter means terrorists planning that's going on. very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> shepard: the state department put out a global terror alert through the end of august. it warns every american to take precautions as you travel overseas especially on public and tourist attractions.
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in addition, it rmts that every american traveling abroad register travel information with the state department and sign up for security alerts. jennifer griffin works the pentagon for us. jennifer? shepard a an official confirms to close the embassies until the end of ramadan on saturday. electronic communications between ayman al zawahiri and who, of course, as you know is the head of al qaeda and the yemen-based head of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. nasir al wuhayshi who has become al qaeda number two. the decision to close the embassies did not have to do with the release of two audiotapes by zawahiri last week. >> this threat emanates from the arabian peninsula. clearly qap is the most active and the most operationally active affiliate of al qaeda core.
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>> general martin dempsey went to the state department today to talk to secretary of state john kerry about embassy security. the pentagon says u.s. forces are on high alert in the middle east tonight, but fox has learned the marine task force, formed after benghazi, returned to its base in maroney spain from, its forward deployment in italy despite the new terror alert. shepard? >> shepard: police say they are beefing up security here in new york city because of this terror alert. that says that does not mean that's a specific threat here. they tell us they are being extra cautious. police say they're increasing security at empire state building. houses of worship. when work crews used explosives to knock down a building, somebody made a bad mistake. ahead, the blast that sent metal flying into the crowd and sent five people to hospitals. plus, why would somebody drive a car right down a busy sidewalk? ahead, what we now know about the suspect. and the surveillance video from the scene. it's all coming up on a busy news day from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. ♪
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>> they planned a building implosion in this case and shot out shrapnel. injured spectators and even cut off one man's leg. we are told contractors set up a safety perimeter but obviously wasn't far enough away. it happened in bakersfield, california, 100 miles north and west of l.a. [explosions] [cheers] >> shepard: first cheering and then screams. the crowd was there to watch crews demolish an old power plant. in slow motion you can see the chunks of metal start flying out of the building. officials say they sliced through a fence that was there to keep spectators safe. that was 1,000 feet away. a police spokesman says he isn't sure how crews decided that would be a safe distance. an update -- no update on the condition of the 43-year-old man who had his leg chopped off. a couple of hours to the
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south of there. bloodstained the famous boardwalk of venice beach after somebody drove a car right through tourists and vendors. happened on saturday, 6:00 in the evening. the boardwalk was packed. thousands of people. surveillance video shows the man taking off in a black dodge avenger and seconds later plowing through the crowd. look at that witnesses say he hit speeds of more than 40 miles per hour during a quarter mile rampage along that boardwalk. >> i look down and i see this car driving through like there is a girl latched on to the hood of the car. is he swerving and he knocks the girl off of the car. and then he is just like running into crowds of hundreds of people and re going out of his way to hit people. >> security camera images show people running to avoid that car. can you see how close the car came to hitting him. 11 people hurt now. 1 woman died italian newlywed there on her honeymoon. police say the suspect turned himself in about an hour later. will carr live this afternoon venice beach.
4:15 pm
will? hi, shep, i'm standing right in front of where this woman was hit and killed. she was next to the candle cafe. that's actually the cafe where we have gotten a will the of this surveillance video from. that video caught the car crashing into a huge crowd nathan campbell. is he now set to face a murder charge because police say he killed alice. today the coroner said that he died from blunt trauma to her head and neck. she was actually here this weekend from italy celebrating her honeymoon with her new husband. >> i comforted him for a minute or two and i wasn't sure whether to let him near or not. so i just held him and somebody else came in because it was pretty tough. it was pretty tough. >> obviously still very tough for the people in the area who are here on saturday. as for campbell, he is still behind bars. police say at this point the motive is unknown. shep? >> will, authorities are checking to see whether alcohol or drugs may have
4:16 pm
played a part in this crash. associated press reports the suspect was living in colorado last year. but he got evicted frommen a apartment for not pay 'ing rent. somehow nobody was killed when a driver in cincinnati flipped his car on to a bus stop bench. a gas surveillance -- gas station surveillance camera caught the whole thing. look here, can you see him. come speeding toward a gas station before flipping over. the driver actually walked away from this. then tried to hail a cab. police say they haven't yet found him. the car was a rental. turns out a $330,000 cheeseburger, well, it's a hamburger so far, has grown in a lab, isn't the tastiest thing in the world even at that price. that's according to the people who tried this in london today. a scientist spent years creating the world's first test tube burger. schmeat they called it stem cells from a cow and growing them in a patty, then he had his chef cook it all up and serve it to a couple of brave volunteers. >> the an accepts is, i
4:17 pm
feel like the fat, but the bite, you know, feels like, you know, conventional hamburger. >> there is quite some interesting taste. it's close to meat. >> shepard: close to meat. delicious. still the inventor says his lab grown meat or schmeat could be environmentally alternative to beef. the military trial of the accused fort hood shooter finally gets underway tomorrow. we will explain why some the folks who barely survived the attack may now have to speak to the accused gunman face to face. plus, another big named trial goes to the jury. closing arguments in the case of the accused mob boss whitey bulger. why prosecutors say he and his men hunted people down and why the defense says the jury heard lie after lie after lie. it's all ahead.
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>> shepard: witnesses who survived that deadly massacre at fort hood in texas may soon have to speak to the person accused of shooting. and his -- and answer his questions in court. the military trial of the army major nidal hasan gets underway tomorrow. remember, he has chosen to represent himself. the army psychiatrist has already questioned some of the potential jurors and now, a retired staff sergeant who says hasan shot him not once but seven times including in the head tells the "new york times" newspaper the following. i will be cross-examined by the man who shot me. you can imagine all the emotions that are going to be coming up. the times reports the 2009 shooting blinded that witness in one eye. 13 people reported dead. dozens more. nidal hasan could face the death penalty, if the court
4:22 pm
convicts him. and today the judge said his court martial could ultimately last several months. whitey bulger was one of the most vicious, violent, and calculating criminals ever to walk the streets of boston. those words from a prosecutor during the closing arguments of the accused mob boss' trial. whitey bulger is accused of taking part in 19 murders during the 1970s and '80s while running boston's winter hill gang. he has pleaded not guilty. the lawyers say the government's key witnesses, who include a former hit man are pathological liars. molly line with the news from boston tonight. molly? >> denk attorney raised the issue of trust. asking jurors if they could believe the jurors who were testifying against james whitey bulger. many of them alleged to have been former bulger associates. some of them admitted murderer hes, confessed criminals who carney says literally made deals with prosecutors or hoped to get
4:23 pm
a reward for accusing bulger of everything from murder, to money laundering and extortion. prosecutors say it's not about how likeable the witnesses are assistant u.s. attorney fred called these men the most reprehensible people to walk the streets of boston. said bulger was leader. traded tips and information with corrupt agent. he argued it doesn't matter that the fbi office in boston was macy. it's that bulger put a gun to someone's head and pulled the trigger. that's what made his guilty of murder. the jury is slated to begin deliberations tomorrow. shep? >> shepard: molly, speaking of the whitey bulger case, the fbi has been keeping track of the crimes its informants commit for more than a decade now. the agency started keeping tabs after admitting that agents had loued whitey bulger to run its gang in exchange for details about the mafia. for the first time we are seeing those numbers on just how many crimes informants are committing. according to the reporting of the "u.s.a. today" newspaper. the fbi gave informants permission to break the law
4:24 pm
some 5600 times in the year 2011 alone. agents reportedly authorized 15 crimes per day on average. those crimes range from buying and selling drugs, to bribing government officials: the white house says a terror threat could extend beyond the mideast in africa where the u.s. has shut down more than a dozen outpost. including the embassy in cairo. but the threat is not keeping two centers from heading to he egypt. they say to try to help a key u.s. partner deal with the political crisis. plus, accuser number 10 is telling us now about her run-in with the mayor of san diego, bob filner. as the mayor who says he is a hugger of men and women goes into rehab. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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>> shepard: the world's first talking robot astronaut is on its way to the international space station. >> lift off. >> shepard: it's lift off. that rocket blasted off yesterday in japan. accompanying the only human astronaut on board is this 13-inch tall child-like robot folks auto giant toyota helped design the thing. test it inside antigravity chamber before the launch. they designed it to be the astronaut's companion and communicate with an identical robot back on earth. the astronaut and the robot
4:29 pm
are set to reach the space station on friday. at least six people are dead now. dozens more hurt as a bomb explodes in rain shower traffic and tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. fill peeps, police say the blast went off inside a vehicle that had had been parked inside a busy road on a southern island it happened just as a city official rode past in a bullet proof suv. she is reportedly okay but the bomb killed one of her body guards in a security van it also set fire to nearby. at last check nobody claimed responsibility for the attack. three people died when part of a building under construction suddenly collapsed in the south. cops and firemen rescued several people from the rubble. no word on what caused the collapse. afghanistan. heavy rain triggered widespread floods killing more than 50 people across five provinces. the raging waters
4:30 pm
reportedly leveled dozens of homes as several rivers burst their banks. officials say the same storm killed at least 14 people in pakistan on saturday. china. scientists say they have discovered a rare poison arrow tree in a southern province. the thousand year old tree reportedly gets its nickname from the toxic latex in its bark. if the poison touches an open wound, it can reportedly kill a human in just two hours. however, local villagers say the ancient tree brings them good luck. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and it came from the very top of al qaeda. that's what we have now learned about the terror threat that shut down u.s.
4:31 pm
outpost in 19 cities for the rest of this week. it also prompted a global alert for americans traveling overseas during the entire month of august. fox news has confirmed analysts intercepted communication between the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri and the head of the terror network's affiliate in yemen. today, the white house would not rule out a possible threat to targets right here in the united states. for the top story at the bottom of the hour, ed henry is at the white house. ed? >> good to see you, shep. you are right. white house officials believe that the target is in the arabian peninsula but left the door wide open today that that target could extend to the united states as well. that's prompting republicans to question whether the president was right during the campaign when he claimed al qaeda was on the run. take a listen. >> the threat is emanating from and maybe directed towards the arabian peninsula. but it is beyond that potentially. that is why we have taken some of the actions we have taken. and we can't be more specific than that except
4:32 pm
to say that the embassy closures that we have announced are in reaction to that out of bun dance of caution. >> clearly, this is a serious thing. also kind of points out that this al qaeda danger is not yet over. and at least elements of al qaeda are are yet totally on the run. >> now, white house officials explain that the president met al qaeda's core, led, of course, by usama bin laden who was taken out. was, in fact, on the run but their affiliate, such as al qaeda on the arabian peninsula are growing, shep. >> ed, thanks, despite that terror threat, u.s. lawmakers, two of them, are in egypt as fox reports tonight. senator lindsey graham says he and senator john mccain decided to go ahead with their trip to show that al qaeda will not taser the united states. the senators say they will try end weeks of chaos in egypt after the military toppled the former president there, mohammed morsi last month. the u.s. is not calling it
4:33 pm
a coup, he though it is, because that means it does not have to cut off more than a billion dollars in aid to egypt. senator graham says the egyptian does have it hold democratic elections soon to keep the cash coming. mike emanuel in the d.c. newsroom. mike? >> the message is the military cannot keep running the country. addressed the senator's role in egypt. >> they have certainly been in conversation with the president and others on the president's national security team. and i think their efforts in egypt and the conversations they had represent the broad interest that not just the administration has, but that the congress has in what's happening there. >> meanwhile, there have been protesters taking to the streets in support of former president mohammed morsi. the folks on the street at this rally were denouncing the military leaders behind his removal from office. officials insist the u.s. is not choosing the next egyptian leader. >> it's up to the egyptian people to decide what their government will look like
4:34 pm
when they return to a democratically elected civilian government. it's not for the united states to endorse a party or a candidate. we have been very clear from the beginning. the only thing we have said is that it needs to be an inclusive process. >> senator graham says the egyptian military must move more aggressively towards turning over control to civilian organizations, shep? >> mike, officials in egypt say 250 people have died since the military deposed morsey last month. more than half of them killed in two major clashes between security forces and supporters of the former president. there is word the feds -- well, he is a nasty dog. that's what the accused number 10 is saying about the san diego mayor, bob filner. she says the mayor grabbed her -- grabbed her hands and asked her to go out two months ago during a charity breakfast at a church. >> that's when he took me by the hands and said "you are so beautiful. i cannot take my eyes off of you. you are just so beautiful."
4:35 pm
to be put in that position in an atmosphere like that was very uncomfortable. >> shepard: so far no response on any of this from mayor filner. other women v. awz cood him of groping them, kissing them and quote slobbering on them, unquote. one case asking a former aid to work without underwear. the san diego mayor has ahole guided but he says he will not resign. today is the day he said that he would check into a clinic for two weeks of intensive therapy for what he once called a monster inside him. mayor filner says he will keep running the city of san diego from inside that clinic. a convicted sex offender who got out of jail more than a week ago is apparently having trouble finding a place to live. we reported on his case here last month. remember the a 3-year-old served his sentence. the maximum sentence in vermont with time off for good behavior after a court convicted him back in 2011 of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. at the time of his release, government officials washed that he could target young
4:36 pm
blonde haired, blue eyed boys again. they said his first plan was to live his parents in vermont. but that fell through amid outcry from their town of springfield. next idea, move to california but a law enforcement sergeant said today the man could not find suitable housing there either. given the rules on where convicted sex offenders can live in california. officials say he returned to vermont last night and that the search continues. the founder of is buying one of america's most famous institutions. the "the washington post" newspaper has sold. we just learned about this deal today and wait until you hear the price tag he is paying. plus, nothing like walking into a restaurant, ordering a nice big meal of powder. ahead, the super food that one inventor claims can replace your breakfast, lunch, and dinner forever. but, first, some folks in the midwest are dealing with flash floods after heavy rains. janice dean the weather machine in the extreme
4:37 pm
weather center tonight, janice. >> flooding and threat for severe weather. severe thunderstorm watching it in effect local time for parts of central, southern kansas as well as the threat for interested inning. we're going to see ongoing flooding as well as hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. some of these areas have seen over a foot of rain in just 48 hours. flooding will be a concern not only tonight but for the next several days as we are expecting more rain to come in to the picture across the heartland. also, i want to make mention that it is hot across texas, across the gulf coast. temperatures in the 100-degree range but with the heat index, it feels closer to 105, in some cases 110 degrees in houston. so, stay cool and stay tuned, more of "the fox report" when we return. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise?
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4:41 pm
influential newspapers. the publisher of the "the washington post" announced today it is selling the paper to jeff bezios the founder of and one of the richest men in all the world. the price tag 250 million bucks. that also includes some other smaller newspapers but that the publisher owns but not slate and not others. amazon isn't behind this purchase. bezos bought it on his own. the "the washington post" parent company chairman called bezos a uniquely good new owner. the same family had owned the paper for four generations. of course, this comes at a tough time for the print news business. newspapers across the country have been bleeding cash. according to the "the washington post'" own article on the sale its newspaper division has seen revenue drop 44% in the last six years. they have been in the red every year. circulation is down 7%. just this weekend the "new york times" company announced its selling the boston globe newspaper. the owner of the red sox agreed to buy it for 70 million. today he toured the newsroom. said he will aim to boost revenues and not influence
4:42 pm
the paper's coverage of the red sox it seems some 3 million americans will have to keep waiting for their cbs channel to come back. executives at the network today announced there are currently no negotiations timeg place with time warner cable. that was after a time warner spokeswoman said earlier that talks were continuing. the cable provider cut away from cbs on friday left customers in new york and las vegas including dallas without access to the network. one analyst says it this could end up costing cbs some $400,000 per day in lost revenues. time warner also reports it's taken down cbs own channels including show time and tmz. time warner rejected their request to keep its programming on the air as negotiations continue. the all coach airline jet line jetblue will add a first class cabin on selected flights.
4:43 pm
here is what happens with those fully customizable air chairs supposed look like. upgrades available on certain flights new york and los angeles new york to san francisco. the transcontinental roots are reportedly among the most profitable for the air illegals with some round trip business tickets selling for 4,000 bucks apiece. several of jetblues competitors are already in the process of adding live flat seats in own business and first class cabins where all the profit is. the food of the future is a powder. like instant coffee or a protein shake. with a name out of a science fiction movie. your food. and nearly a million dollars worth of preorders are already on. the engineer who developed the stuff it called soy lint. calls it that because it makes it from soybeans and lentils: he claims so i lint could not only fight loan door in third world countries but feed folks at
4:44 pm
home. the creator himself has been living almost entirely on the stuff for more than six months. he says in that time he has noticed several improvements in his own health. beats schmeat. jonathan serrie in atlanta. >> tongue in cheek to the book that inspired 1973 movement soil green. unlike the charlton heston sci-fi movie this is made from vegetables and taste like mildly sweet soy milk. listen. >> something like this not spoiling being easy to transport and by being he very nutritionally dense by mass and volume, i think something like this could have a huge impact on global food security. >> rob rinehart, the inventor, raised $800,000 through a crowd funding site to develop this product. in addition to its potential to alleviate hunger abroad, he sees a market for so ilent at home from people who lack the time or desire to cook.
4:45 pm
some foodies skeptical the americans would ever give up the variety you experience in a well prepared meal. is he all in favor of social meals but so much of what we eat these days is on the go and not all that memorable. and so ilent could be new tricious alternative to that drive-thru lunch. >> you wonder what the bathroom experience would be like. john, than the creator of so i soy lent says all the ingredients. gender specific blends as well as high calorie formula for people who like to work out. money, meant to honor our nation's bravest is instead helping con men get rich. frauds who are faking war injuries. now the u.s. congress is apparently fired up and cracking down on these liars and the details are just ahead. ♪ alert.
4:46 pm
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>> shepard: police say people have evacuated nearly 100 homes in louisiana after a train carrying flammable liquids ran off the track and started to leak. it happened yesterday afternoon about 60 miles west of baton rouge. a spokeswoman for the train company says one of the cars was leaking sodium hydroxide. that's a highly toxic substance. it can be deadly if it's inhaled in large amounts. another car carrying lye. it causes chemical burns to skin and blindness in it comes in contact with your eyes. police say the leaks are now contained. two people on board the train at the time of the crash and engineer and a conductor both are reportedly okay. a program designed to help our country's wounded warriors is also lining the pockets of liars and frauds. that's the finding of a government watchdog who report that hundreds of millions of dollars goes to people who don't qualify for it in the first place. the issue got heated back in june during a hearing on
4:50 pm
the largest irs contract ever awarded. half a billion dollars to go to the so-called disabled vet. his injury? he says he twisted his ankle at a military prep school almost 30 years ago. in congress, he came face to face with a real wounded hero. congresswoman tammy duck worth. she had both her legs blown off in iraq. still can't use her arm. she had some choice words for the guy. that you think twition about the example you are setting for your children. i hope you think twice about what you are doing to this nation's veterans who are wig to die to protect this nation. twisting your ankle in prep school is not defending or serving this nation mr. costello. >> shepard: his case is hardly the only one. now congress is vowing to crackdown. doug mckelway is in d.c. tonight. doug? >> shep, the service disabled owned business program is rife with fraud and abuse because nobody in government checks for honesty. take the case of warren
4:51 pm
parker who won a million dollars in government contracts for his construction firm. >> mr. parker had a tremendously heroic resume, three silver stars, three purple hearts, bronze stars. he kept a diary of sniper kills that he reportedly got in vietnam. it turns out it was all a fraud to qualify for the preference and service disabled veteran owned businesses. mr. parker served five years in the missouri national guard, he never left the state. >> after parker was jailed, the va tightened up its verification procedures. >> in 2011, when they changed the process for verification, 10,000 firms stopped, just dropped out of the program that showed how much fraud there was in the program. >> the va was the only agency to tighten standards as a result nobody knows how rampant the fraud is registration was introduced in the house just last week
4:52 pm
to strengthen controls of these programs across all agencies. to read more about it, shep, turn into washington for five part series all week long. >> shepard: the bill introduced in congress will establish a central service for verifying veterans eligibility for aid. it's still a ways from becoming law. congress just left for five week vacation. well, this is what happens when you hold elections by drawing a name from a hat. a 4-year-old boy, 4 years old has just become mayor of a town in minnesota. not only that it's his second time as mayor. the town of dorsett has a population of fewer than 30 people. folks there can vote as many times as they like. little bobby is now the mayor. his agenda includes raising money for the ronald mcdonald house charities and getting the town it a new welcome sign. good luck, mr. mayor. maybe san diego. talk show icon oprah winfrey recently sat down
4:53 pm
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial.
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(announcer) flavors this delicious are worth searching for. friskies. feed t senses. >> shepard: oprah asked lindsay lohan are you an addict? it happened in an interview that's set to air on the talk show icon's own network later this month lindsay lohan reportedly discussed her three month stint in rehab after getting out last week. in a promo clip she asked the 27-year-old actress what it feels like to be an adjective and verb for a child star gone wrong? that clip does not include lindsay lohan's answers. updating some of fox top stories tonight. [loud talking] >> shepard: a rod greeting hecklers and signing autographs in the last half
4:57 pm
hour. a rod has vowed he will appeal 211 game us is speption that runs through the end of next season over the major league baseball steroid scandal. jurors in the boston mob trial of whitey bulger set to begin deliberations tomorrow now that both sides have wrapped up closing arguments. the u.s. intelligence source tells fox news officials learned about the latest global terror threat when they intercepted communications between the leader of al qaeda ayman al zawahiri and the head of off shoot arabian peninsula. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates set to remain closed through saturday. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt with the update and the tiling. >> the holly month of ramadan is approaching and that combined with a couple of significant upcoming terrorism anniversaries. has officials concerned. first, it will be 15 years on wednesday since the huge bomb attacks in tanzania and ten kenya. more than 200 people died that day including 12 americans. we are only just a month away from 9/11.
4:58 pm
a date that last year was marked by the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. in which four americans were murdered. among them the ambassador chris stevens. >> clearly, the legacy of benghazi is hanging over everything. but, so is the legacy of 9/11. and in 9/11, we know that we had some warnings that perhaps we didn't tie together well enough or all youriously enough. get in this kind of a situation is this sort of chatter. >> embassies are not the softest target especially since security around high risk securities has been stepped up. but for al qaeda and other terrorists they still represent a symbol of american power and interest. and even if those terrorists cannot successfully attack the buildings themselves, by forcing the closing of the embassies, they disrupt the foreign policy be work of the staff. they display a certain power, no doubt, shep, feel that that in itself is a victory of sorts. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in new york tonight.
4:59 pm
on this day in 1858 american and british teams laid the first tell graph line across the bottom of the atlantic ocean. at the time the tell graph had been around for about two decades. and over the years its i object venters samuel morris perfected the device's universal language. morris code. soon more than 20,000 miles of tell graph cable stretched all over the united states. eventually an american merchant had an idea connect the states to ireland through an underwater line. crews from several ships failed four times but then successfully laid the 2,000-foot long cable along the atlantic floor. 2,000 feet. unfortunately, that line would stop working a month later it would take 8 years to lay a working cable across the ocean floor. but the tell graph first went trans-atlantic 155 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday august the
5:00 pm
5th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. we're all back tomorrow for "studio b," noon pacific time, 3:00 eastern time and back here for "the fox report" tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is warming up in the wings so hold on tight. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> al qaeda is on the run and bin laden is dead. >> laura: just months after president declird al qaeda's demise now has america on the defense. how serious is the latest threat? we'll have the inside story. >> we're not broke. there is plenty of money. it's just the government doesn't have it. >> far left congressman keith ellison wants the rich to fork over their wealth whether they want to or not. we have a debate there is a rising libertarian stream that chris christie thinks that is a dangerous thought. a number of people may think mr. christ
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